PEDOL group divisions

A group that has been developing innovative solutions for over 80 years, characterized by quality, attention to the product and to the final customer.
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Exhaust systems

Pedol entirely produces its mufflers within the production plant in Conegliano (TV), using high quality materials such as aluminised, stainless and deep drawing steel.
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Designed and engineered with the most advanced CAD CAM systems, our bumpers are made to meet market demands, ensuring impact resistance over time, non-deformability and compliance to the original design.
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Pedol has experience in various sectors, from agriculture to earthmoving, civil use and special operating machines.
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Mechanical Services

Pedol provides third-party services in various mechanical industries, backed up by the experience as manifacturers in tube and sheet metal processing.
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Forklift spare parts

Quality, product reliability and fast delivery times are the essential requirements for operators who need spare parts for forklift trucks.
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Assistance and maintenance services

Our assistance activity and maintenance services, specific in the fields of Electromechanics and Automotive Electrical/Mechanics.
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80 anni+

From 1943 to 2023, 80 years of history and innovation

It was 1943 when three brothers, Attilio, Arnaldo and Alberto Pedol, decided to start their small workshop in Conegliano, in the province of Treviso, not far from Venice.

After more than half a century, we have the third generation. That family partnership has become a great entrepreneurial reality, in different and complementary sectors: the production of bumpers and mufflers for cars, cabins for agricultural, earthmoving and industrial machines, the sales of spare parts for forklift and cars, the customized construction of controls for industrial automation, services related to electromechanics.

A harmonic, safe and constant growth that make us proud where we want to involve our collaborators and its primary creators: our customers and commercial partners.


Production of silencers for cars and cabins for agricultural, earthmoving and industrial machines.


Safety in the workplace has always held particular importance for the PEDOL group for the well-being of its collaborators