Our history

The company PEDOL was founded at the beginning of the 40s, on the initiative of the brothers Attilio, Arnaldo and Alberto Pedol, as an electromechanical workshop dedicated to the maintenance of the industry and the limited circulating automotive park of this period. After more than half a century, we are at the third generation.
That family partnership has become a solid entrepreneurial reality, in different and complementary sectors. Thanks in fact to the important experience acquired, in the 60s the production of bumpers for cars and warehouses for distribution of spare parts was started, first of all as national character and then increasingly international, satisfying the demands of the automobile market.
After the bodywork car area, Pedol enters, during the 80s, also in the mechanics car area, developing a production department of exhaust systems for motor vehicles.
Finally, the cabins division was born, starting from the forklift trucks, then expanding into the agricultural and industrial area.

Pedol Today

Over the years, reality has become a leading company in the production of spare parts, accessories and semi-finished products in the main countries of the world. Our production area is developed today on 35,000 square meters, more than half covered, counting over 4,000 active customers. The purpouse of solutions for the equipment looking to the  environment and the continuous market demand, PEDOL  has answered researching and developing his products, pursuing the following objectives:
Identification of innovative products, allowing added value for customers;
Product engineering increasingly advanced and innovative technologies to guarantee a level of excellence in the production phase.
Our harmonic, sure and constant growth, of which we are proud, is the determining factor in the continuous development of our business objectives.