Cabins for agricultural and industrial machinery

Pedol operates in the cabins area with experience in various sectors, from agriculture, to earth-moving, to civil use and to special machines.
PEDOL face this market with extreme professionalism and aggressiveness, not hesitating to invest in new technologies to create a product with a strong aesthetic-technological impact, starting with the development of new steel profiles, suitable for passing ROPS / FOPS tests and aluminum profiles for all categories of machines.

All of this is guaranteed by the technical support of proven, long-standing experience accumulated by collaborating with the major European manufacturers of operating machines. In this context our technical office is structured to work in co-engineering with our customers developing complete 3D projects.
One of our prerogatives is the ability to support the customer in the choices that can determine a strong point of the product towards the final customer and the user.

What are the processes that lead to the creation of the product?

Briefing with the customer

The approach to the project takes place by collecting from the customer all the information inherent to the operational, ergonomic needs, not only of the driver’s seat, but also of the complete machine where the cabin is applied.

In this phase it is our consuetude to highlight the market expectations to the customer and to propose ideas and solutions studied and tested thanks to our know-how.

Project design

We take care of the cabin design through all of its style and ergonomic solutions, as well as the cost-cutting economy, with a view of making the man approach to the machine comfortable, respecting the principles of quality and economy for the realization costs.

As with any product that faces the market, we try to synthesize and translate into the design the continuous evolution of aesthetic trend with a perspective, as much as possible, projected into the future.

Technical/Economic proposal and work forecast

We develop the graphic design of the cabin in the context of the machine, including interiors, on multiple levels: simple, sketching or rendering. The technical-economic proposal is then elaborated by a preliminary study and draught a planning of the necessary processes for the realization of the project, passing by prototyping and possible pre-series to define the target time of the finished cabin in production.

Project start up with customer coordination

We start the project with progressive and constant coordination with the customer through periodic meetings to analyze it with all his technical and aesthetic evolution.

Project deadline and 3D delivery to the customer

Once the project is finished, it is sent to the customer for the final analysis and to obtain approval through the assembly of the 3D cabin on the machine.

Project of assembly, welding and prototype structure welding masks

Our engineering, supported by the technical production team, studies the various phases of construction of the metal structure and defines the equipment for the composition of the various assembled parts. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the welding and to the guarantee of interchangeability of the parts that make up the structure.

We realize the prototype by checking all the dimensions of the structure. Any tests (ROPS, FOPS, EOPS, noise and pressurization) are carried out following the customer from both a regulatory and a documentary point of view.

Production Start up

With the approved prototype, production is launched according to the lead time and the defined lots, keeping the material lists and the construction drawings constantly updated according to any requests of customer for modifications.

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