Pedol operates in the cabins area with experience in various sectors, from agriculture, to earth-moving, to civil use and to special machines.

CABIN FEATURES: Cabin for emasculation and treatments, ROPS head, wide visibility, design for particular conditions of use, sliding door

CABIN FEATURES: Two-seater cabin for towing and powering aircraft equipped with an automotive-type fiberglass front

CABIN FEATURES: Cabin for forklifts developed for the poultry sector, ROPS tested, wide visibility, design for special conditions of use

CABIN FEATURES: Cabin for multipurpose machines

CABIN FEATURES: Cabin for washing machines for large vehicles

CABIN FEATURES: Cabin for forest loader, small size, front and side door, air-conditioned.

CABIN FEATURES: Extremely versatile cabin of reduced dimensions with flat support base

CABIN FEATURES: Cabin for marine cranes with air conditioning and 220 volt windshield wipers, heated double-glazed laminated glass, insulation for temperatures down to -30 ° C, possible ATEX predisposition.

CABIN FEATURES: Tower crane cabin compliant with characteristics of visibility, safety and functionality

CABIN FEATURES: Cabin for forwarder, 14 ton ROPS approved, OPS tested scratch resistant polycarbonate window

CABIN FEATURES: Cabin for off-road front forklift

CABIN FEATURES: Cabs for forklift trucks of various brands with configuration variability

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